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Grand Theft Auto IV и SparkIV

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Отправлено 05 October 2011 - 14:59

Хотел пропатчить стриптизёрш, а чой-то SparkIV глючит.
Делаю всё как написано, а кнопка Rebuild не активна:(.

Вот инструкция: Nude Strippers V2
GTAIV mod by Switch Designs

This mod is an update to the nude strippers mod. There were a few complaints that you could still see flesh colored clothing on the models (which was the only way I could make them appear to be nude.) But thanks to my special .wtd file now the clothing is completely removed. This also limited the number of variations down to two types of strippers so if you still want all the different hair color variations that make the stripers look different download the first nude strippers mod found at www.gtaforlife.com and just deal with the flesh colored clothes.

To install: First place the files for SparkIV into your c:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV directory after making the Grand Theft Auto IV folder and all of it's contents non read only! If you don't already have SparkIV GTA editor get it here: http://n2.nabble.com...-td2551637.html and you can see it's progress here: http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=384933

Next open SparkIV and browse for your img file that you are going to edit: common/pc/models/cdimages/componentpeds.img and look for files f_y_stripperc01.wtd and f_y_stripperc02.wtd.
Extract them somewhere so that you have originals incase you want to put them back at a later time. Then replace the originals with the ones in this mod and click save and then click rebuild and then close when it is finished rebuilding.


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